Holmatro Core technology proves why it’s the safest system on the market

I was reminded today why Holmatro Core technology, approaching ten years in service worldwide, is the easiest, fastest and safest hydraulic rescue tool system on the market.

Below is a picture of a Holmatro Core hose punctured during training. Notice cover breach near the bottom of the photo. Had this been the high-pressure exposed line of a traditional twin-line system, the rescue crew or patient could have been injured by high pressure hydraulic oil injection.

With Holmatro Core, however, this breach in the low-pressure outer hose produced only slight weeping from the punctured area, as the max pressure of the outer, return hose never rises above 363 PSI–compared to 10,500 PSI of exposed high pressure hose used in traditional twin-line systems.


Puncture in Holmatro Core hose


Here’s a video highlighting the benefits of Holmatro Core technology.