Roof off, or roof Flap?

It is important that as a rescuer, you have options on scene. Full removal of the roof is of course one option, but there are advantages to flapping the roof. Firstly you can flap the roof either to the side or to the front, depending on the location of the vehicle and the access you have.

The forward roof flap has 2 clear advantages;

1 – To complete the forward roof flap, you must cut the C and B posts on both sides, then make a relief cut into the roof approximately 10cm from the top of the A pillar. This means there is no need to cut the laminated windscreen, thus creating no dust.
2 – Once the cuts are made, the roof can be left in position until the casualty is ready to be extricated. In extreme weather, this means that their exposure to the environment is limited. Of course, both options work well, and should be practiced, but like any other technique, the more options you have on scene, the more effective you are.

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